Side Window Replacement

Reliable service to maintain the safety.

The Importance of Side Window replacement

The tempered glass used in the side windows is exceptional at withstanding the daily wear and tear of driving offering innate strength and increased safety. Apart from this, it also provides brilliant clarity and transparency.

Roadside debris can damage your window which can spread if not corrected immediately. Rely on Glass Clinic to replace your side window efficiently to get your vehicle fixed and back on the road.

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We offer the options of mobile services or in-shop services, whatever works best for you. We can travel to your home, work, or location of your choice. Plus, with suitable scheduling, we work around your hours to provide services at your convenience.


At Glass Clinic we use the best quality glass that has light/rain sensors that are activated using special gel materials. In our bonding process, we use specialized autoglass polyurethane with an adhesive primer that meets industry standards. We have moldings(rubber) and metal/glass bonding material that is suited for a wide range of vehicles. Glass Clinic adheres to all the safety standards because your safety is our highest priority.

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